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As you go on with the practice, you will find that your attitude towards people, events and objects, will gradually change. Your action will tend to follow your meditation of their own accord.
Sri Ramana Maharshi

praticare yoga immersi nella natura, dormire nella nostra eco Guest House e approfittare per esplorare le zone circostanti, camminare sul montE o fino al mare. partecipare alla cura dell’orto e alla raccolta delle olive.

Dicono di noi

A true game changer for my personal practice

Taking the Ashtanga Foundation course by Ali and Jeo was a true game changer for my personal practice. This wonderful duo despite conducting the classes online, manage to give you a one-to-one classroom experience – when one demonstrates and instructs, the other is watching your moves, correcting you, encouraging you at every turn to push a little bit beyond your comfort zone. They give detailed explanation of the asanas, showing the proper way to get into them, also showing beginners the easy way of doing them, always guiding you to strike a balance between what you want your body to do and what your body can actually do. The motto being, take it slow and easy, practice diligently and in time you’ll get there. So grateful to Ali and Jeo. May your light shine bright, far and wide.

Sheila Muthu, from India

Energizing practice

Dear Jeo and Ali, thank you for the energizing vinyasa classes. Through these sessions, I can feel my strength improve (Chaturanga is getting easier) and my flexibility increase (my back feel more flexible during Sarvangasana). I’m grateful for your lessons and how you break down complex asanas into simple steps making online classes so easy to follow. More than anything, you both radiate so much positivity, are lovely human beings in addition to being amazing teachers! <3 Thank you

Apoorva, from India

Un maestro di yoga particolare

Jeo è un maestro di yoga particolare: ha una voce molto profonda, quasi ipnotica e – se inizia la lezione con un mantra – è facile calarsi subito nella pratica. Poi dopo il riscaldamento, da’ un ritmo alla lezione con il conteggio dei respiri che risulta utile per la concentrazione. Sa inoltre calibrare in modo adeguato la lezione valutando le possibilità dell’allievo. Ottimo il rilassamento finale.

Donata, from Italy

Every class is unique

I never thought that my body would be able to do Ashtanga yoga. But with the guidance of Jeo and Alice I am able to do it. Thank you so much for teaching me more deep knowledge about it. The way you guys conduct is amazing. Every class is unique with more ways of doing it and more details. Thank you so much.

Karishma, from India

Immense positive vibes

Attending Yoga sessions by Jeo and Alice has provided me with immense positive vibes. They guided me very well on various yoga postures and very patiently. I can confirm the fact that with right teachers, yoga can definitely be learned online as well. Thanks to Jeo and Alice for taking me through this wonderful journey of learning Ashtanga Yoga.

Vijayalakshmi, from India

online Yoga

  • Lunedì @ 6.30 am Ashtanga Vinyasa | @6.00 pm Hatha Yoga Dinamico
  • Martedì @ 6.30 pm Ashtanga Vinyasa 
  • Mercoledì @ 6.30 am Ashtanga Vinyasa 
  • Giovedì @ 6.00 pm Haha Yoga 
  • Venerdì @ 6.30 am Mysore Style 


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